Launched at this years’ Clerkenwell Design Week, Forza Doors & Frames is now ‘Digitally Tagging’ its Fire Rated Door/Frame and Doorset Products using the latest FireDNA Monitoring Technology.

Forza are embedding and activating FireDNA QR Codes and NFC Tags initially into their Fire Doors/Frames and Doorsets, which enables them to digitally attach key information and data relating to manufacture, certification and installation guidance. The full product range, including Fire Screens will also be tagged in the coming months as part of their ‘digital information’ roll-out programme.

Why are we digitally tagging our products?
Forza’s ethos, has always been ‘fire safety and technical compliance first’. We rigorously fire test all of our products, and associated fittings and hardware, our results always exceed the minimum statutory requirements. We needed a really simple and robust system that would allow us to push all of our production specifications and installation guidance out along the ‘chain of responsibility’ enabling everyone in that ‘golden thread’ to use, share and keep the ‘DNA’ data of each of our products updated, throughout their lifecycles, from manufacture to decommissioning.

For new product fit-outs, passive fire product manufacturers like Forza, along with Architects NBS Specifications are at the start of the ‘data conduit’. Historically it’s been difficult to impart critical data and installation guidance onto the next group of ‘responsible people’, the Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Installers and Fitters. Physical paper-based documentation often gets lost or damaged on-site, or unintentionally discarded with the product packaging.

By ‘going digital’ all of that information can now be seamlessly passed down the line, delivering construction product information straight to the fingertips ‘through mobile devices’ of those that need it, when they need it.

By using the FireDNA system, Forza can now easily and securely give Contractors and Installers ‘if they also sign-up to FireDNA’ the following:

  • Up-to-date, accurate and unambiguous digital information in the form of PDF files, photographic references and specifications
  • A quick and easy way to check that the products delivered to site were as specified, and confirmation if the order has been full or part delivered
  • The ability to upload their installation data and compliance statements along with photographic evidence
  • A simple and secure way to confirm that they have installed the product in line with Forza’s guidelines and instructions
  • A seamless way to digitally share ‘compliant’ sign-off and ‘completion hand-over’ with their customers and clients 

The FireDNA system also:

  • Creates a visual and digital identification that connects the physical product with its digital record
  • Helps to ensure Architects’ specifications are enforced from inception to installation
  • Gives user’s the ability to produce Audit Reports with detailed descriptions and photographic evidence, and Remedial Work Costing Spreadsheets
  • Allows user’s to plot Passive Fire Products onto Floorplans to assist in on-site locating, which can also be output into Reports

Why we chose FireDNA?
Forza chose FireDNA as it’s go-to digital monitoring partner for its passive fire products because the software has been developed in association with industry professionals, it has an unrivalled level of depth and data capture capability, along with integrated sharing and reporting functions, and is ‘sensibly priced’, which as Forza says ‘in our view makes it the best system on the market and the ‘professionals choice’!

FireDNA one of the more recent software development companies in the ‘digital twinning’ arena, launched its software this year, focussing on the monitoring of Fire Doors, Frames and Doorsets. FireDNA has developed the first module with manufacturers like Forza specifically in mind, but has also been beta testing the application across the passive fire product sector, working closely with Fire Inspectors, Main and Sub-Contractors, Installers and Fitters. 

FireDNA have also been in dialogue with the Insurance sector to assess if their ‘end-to-end’ monitoring application can help with aspects of risk and/or liability for passive fire product installations. This has been getting some interesting feedback, because FireDNA software effectively creates ‘audited evidence’ of ‘compliant and competent’ installations, which can then be used by other stakeholders in the approval process such as Building Control. 

How FireDNA works and who it’s for?
FireDNA software catalogues Manufacturers product data, digitally shares it with Contractors and Installers, who in turn add their installation data, passing that onto Building Owners, FM’s & TMO’s. That data can then be used by Maintenance Teams, Fire Inspectors and viewed by Tenants and Residents alike, with a simple swipe of a smartphone or mobile device. The specific FireDNA user groups and target audiences are:

Manufacturers: Upload their certification, input production data, specification PDF’s and installation guidance.

Contractors & Installers: Add installation statements, compliance / competency evidence and images, which they can share with their clients and Building Control.

Fire Inspectors: Conduct audits and create reports, with photographs which output to detailed MS Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets. 

Building Owners, Management Teams and TMO’s: Manage the compliance data and ongoing maintenance records and updates through their dashboard. 

Maintenance Teams: Access work schedules and update the ‘live status’ once remedial works are completed. 

Residents & Tenants: get ‘peace of mind’ that the passive fire products in their building are safe and compliant by scanning the QR Code or NFC Tag. 

FireDNA seamlessly links everyone in this chain of responsibility.

Every element of ‘data input’ and ‘action taken’ within the FireDNA software, across all user groups, is ‘date stamped’ and ‘action logged’ making all changes or updates completely transparent and accessible, which cannot be retrospectively amended or changed.

FireDNA Network Alliance – Data Partners
FireDNA also runs a ‘Fire Data Network Alliance’ for Sub-Contractors, Installers, Fire Inspectors and FMO’s. When signing-up to FireDNA these user groups have the opportunity to become FDNA ‘Data Partners’, a scheme which offers further membership benefits and rewards for every passive fire product activated in the system.

To find out more about how and why Forza are ‘Digitally Tagging’ their products logon to:

Or contact FireDNA direct for more information by logging onto: and using the ‘live chat’ button.