All-glass system swing doors from GEZE have been installed at the Patricia Thompson Building for Maggie’s Cancer Centre, in Oxford, which has been designed around a calming treehouse concept.

The main entrance to the building, which is built on stilts, is approached via a land bridge and features a pair of integrated all-glass system (IGG) swing doors from GEZE, each powered by a TSA 160 UFO underfloor operator.

The IGG system was specified because its profile and fittings are integrated invisibly between the panes of glass, meaning there are no bulky or visible elements on the glass surface. The underfloor operator is also concealed, helping to deliver an entrance system that doesn’t detract from the overall design of the centre, which gives panoramic views of the trees, thanks to its expansive glass facades.

GEZE also installed a single IGG swing door to the rear of the building, fitted with a TS 550 NV floor spring and a solenoid bolt.