Five of the country’s leading re-processing companies have come together to form the Gypsum Re-processors Association UK & Ireland (GRAUKI).

Bob Curd, chairman of the new association, said: “It has become clear over the last two years that there is a need for the industry to come together to form a cohesive body which can speak with a single voice on issues that directly affect the successful and sustainable operation of the gypsum recycling industry and to promote the  responsible treatment of gypsum waste.

“These issues fall into a range from contributing to future legislation decisions through membership of steering and/or action groups through to seeking out alternative sustainable solutions for gypsum waste which can broaden the scope of activity, capture greater volumes of otherwise wasted gypsum, help to preserve raw materials and discourage irresponsible disposal by rogue traders.”

Engagement with the Environment Agency, Defra, WRAP and others has, up to now, been carried out by the gypsum recyclers independently. The association believes that a combined approach will help to clear the way for effective lobbying and promotion of the industry as a whole, membership of GRAUKI will also prove to be an indicator to existing and future customers of the credentials of each member.

The association can be contacted at