SpecFinish caught up with Amron about its plans for 2023…

Back in early 2021 when we rebranded, we thought ‘right, so we won’t need to do another website for a while’. But here we are, a new year, a new website! Oh, and a few more exciting things to shout about too…

Then and now

At Amron, we pride ourselves as a business that understands the built environment, the issues, the people and most importantly, the challenges facing our industry. Growing the business from what was initially a husband-and-wife start up, has led to some challenging decisions to ensure that the team grows alongside the success of the business. Over the last couple of years, we are thrilled to have grown to a strong team of 12 and are now also proud ‘work parents’ to Bonnie, the office pup.

Moving forward

We have always been about ‘Creative Mesh Solutions’, however, we have since realised that we are fast evolving. So, with that in mind, and with the successful launches of our new product offerings, we have decided to adapt our tagline to best suit this growth. We are now all about ‘Creative Metal Solutions’. Mesh will always be at our core but making this change, we feel we can offer our customers even more.

This brings us to our new website – a fresher look, more product offerings, including our range of Amron metal systems and even more projects to show you. Our business is and will always be about our customers. We advise our customers as to what we feel is best for their project, not what we want to sell them. We do not work in a conventional “sales” fashion, we work as a consultancy. We will continue to be as accessible as possible and have even implemented a ‘Live chat’ function to our site so that we can help with any quick questions you may have.

Lunch and learn

There’s nothing quite like touching and talking about the materials when it comes to choosing the right products, which is why our exclusive ‘Lunch and Learns’ will continue due to popular demand. We have a limited selection of dates for 2023, so get in touch with the team to book yours in.

And lastly…

Our ethos is to advise, engage, and inspire. These core values support the work we are doing, our future work and defining a new and exciting future for our team and clients.

Visit our new website www.amronarchitectural.co.uk