Hilti has created a measuring systems first with the launch of two new rotating lasers which are designed to survive drops from a height of 1.5 metres.

Both the PR 30-HVS and PR 2-HS have been manufactured with shock absorbing handles and with the laser specially sheltered by an IP 66 protection class casing. The casing also guards against water and dust damage: two elements often associated with product failure and expensive repairs.

With horizontal, vertical and slope applications, the PR 30-HVS has an accuracy of ±0.75mm at 10 metres, a self-levelling range at room temperature of ±5º and has been designed for levelling, aligning, grading and squaring. The digital display on the receiver provides exact millimetre offset readings for precise working.

The PR 30-HVS also features the new Auto Alignment System, which automatically aligns the laser beam to the position of the similarly-protected PRA 30 laser receiver, making vertical alignment up to 150 metres a one-person task.

Instruction videos can be downloaded and watched on a tablet or smart phone and a range of accessories are also available, such as the PRA 90 tripod which automatically moves to the height of the receiver.

The PR 2-HS is designed for exterior horizontal applications and has an accuracy of ±0.5mm at 10 metres, a working range of 2-600 metres a self-levelling range of ±5º. Applications include transferring and checking heights, levelling, excavation and setting out slopes.

Both products utilise Hilti’s Pulse Power technology, which allows for highly reliable readings even in bright sunlight. Simple function buttons also make both tools incredibly user-friendly.

Tim Wilmes, Hilti GB and Northern Europe Product Manager for Measuring Systems, said: “Rotating lasers are historically considered to be sensitive instruments, but on a busy construction site they are often accidentally knocked over which will result in breakage, downtime and expensive repairs.

“Both the PR 30-HVS and PR 2-HS bring a host of technical advancements which make them rugged, reliable, easy-to-use. The shock-absorbing handles and IP 66 protected housing mean our latest generation of rotating lasers are built to withstand the harshest of jobsite conditions.”

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