Hilti’s new TE DRS-4-A dust removal system (DRS) has an integrated attachment for the popular TE 4-A22 cordless rotary hammer. At just 1kg, the new product is lightweight making it more comfortable to use overhead for long periods. The attachment is powered entirely by the rotary hammer’s 22V battery – no need for a separate power source.

In addition to the serious health implications presented by dust particles, dust also hurts productivity on-site by clogging up tools and inserts which, in turn, reduces their productivity and shortens their lifespan. The Hilti DRS portfolio ensures a cleaner, healthier and more productive working environment.

The TE DRS-4-A is the latest product in the Hilti range of harmonised DRS systems whereby the tool, consumable, accessory and M-Class vacuum work together to remove the maximum amount of dust at the point of contact.