Hilti has chosen the UK market for the worldwide launch of its tough new PR 300-HV2S Dual grade rotating laser.

The new laser is the latest addition to Hilti’s robust, easy-to-use Measuring Systems portfolio and simplifies horizontal, vertical and dual-grade applications.

The PR 300-HV2S automatically recognises the working mode required and performs tasks such as transferring heights for groundworks, vertical tasks such as aligning formwork and dual grade slope tasks such as grading ramps, car parks and drainage systems.

The tool comes with the easy-to-use PRA 300 Remote control, which also functions as the laser receiver. Further simplification comes from QR codes located on the tool packaging and in the menu of the remote/receiver to provide instant support and step-by-step guidance.

As with all new Hilti rotating lasers, the product is capable of surviving drops from a tripod at a standard working height of 1.5m. The unique design of the tool’s housing, with four shock-absorbing handles plus interior damping and sensor technology, prevent it from losing accuracy.

The design also guards against water and dust damage, the two main elements often associated with product failure and expensive repairs.

The Hilti Measuring Systems portfolio includes Laser range meters, Multi-directional lasers, Rotating lasers, Pipe lasers, Optical tools and Detection systems, including the PS 1000 X-Scan system which has just benefitted from a product software update.

Available across the entire Hilti Measuring Systems range is the manufacturer’s Calibration Service, which is included free-of-charge and ensures that all products operate in accordance with industry standards.

Agnieszka Gajek, Northern Europe Product Manager for Measuring Systems at Hilti, said “Our commitment to the UK market is long-standing and that’s why we decided that this was the right place to launch our most robust dual grade rotating laser to date – the PR 300-HV2S.

“We’ve created a tool that’s easy-to-use while also leading the field in precision and accuracy, reducing the risk of costly errors. It’s also strong, and anyone who uses this product has peace-of-mind that it’s fully able to survive the toughest jobsite conditions.”