As schools begin to re-open, teaching staff, bursars and education estate managers are devising their plans to minimise social contact.

By replacing a permanent wall between classrooms with a moveable partitioning wall, a full class of 30 children can still be taught by a single teacher, whilst maintaining appropriate social distancing.

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FIS member Style, has a wide range of solutions, including manual moveable walls, semi-automatic as well as fully automatic systems, allowing education facilities to be rapidly adapted to meet the needs of a post-lockdown world.

Style also offers glass systems which means space can be quickly and safely divided while retaining visibility across classrooms, assembly areas or halls and keeping that larger, open plan feel.

The glass systems enable a classroom to split into two, while a single teacher can see across both rooms, or move easily between the two using a pass door.

“At Style, we are proud to be the market leader in moveable wall solutions, and through our 4 regional UK offices in the south, midlands, northern England and Scotland, we have been installing high quality partitioning systems in education establishments nationwide for over 20 years,” said David Louden, Style’s director for Scotland.

“As the UK’s exclusive partner to Dorma Hüppe, Skyfold and SWG, we are able to offer a truly comprehensive range to meet all budgets and location requirements.

“Take for example, two adjacent classrooms that each have a capacity to teach 30 students. Based on a standard classroom size of 55-60 sqm, to space students out using the recommended 2 metres, you would only be able to accommodate 12-14 students in each room. However, by removing the dividing wall and installing a moveable wall instead, the space can be opened up, allowing that number to be scaled up to 28-30 children being taught by one teacher.

“We can also offer a quick, standard package for any schools that need an urgent solution, which means a moveable wall can supplied on a shorter lead time based on a fixed specification.

“There is no doubt that school closures have helped reduce the spread of the virus within the community, but it is also clear that without a vaccine in place there can be no completely safe reopening.

“Using moveable wall systems to modify existing space to ensure social distancing is maintained whilst schooling continues is going to be crucial in minimising the impact of Covid-19 on the educational development of young people today.”

For more information, contact your nearest regional Style office.