SpecFinish spoke to FIS member Rap Interiors on what to consider when selecting an office interior design company

Imagine the moment you step into your brand-new office. It’s everything you ever dreamed of: modern furniture, a relaxing breakout area, and a design scheme that reflects your company values perfectly.

To make this dream a reality, it goes without saying that you to pick the right office interior design company. The question is, where do you start?

Ultimately, you want to find a company that can tailor your office design to your unique needs. One way to do this is to look at a company’s project portfolio to see if it has worked on similar projects.

When looking through the portfolio, ask yourself this:  does this company have the capability to pull off my project? If you’re not sure, request to speak to a member of its project team. Talking to someone will ensure you get an even better feel for the company and the services it can offer.

A simple way to find out a company’s review is by reading what clients have said about them. Reviews and testimonials offer a goldmine of information which may prove crucial when making your final decision.

You can find reviews on Google listings of course, and many interior design companies have dedicated testimonial pages on their websites to show off their success. If they do have a testimonial page, then this is a particularly good sign.

If your company is serious about sustainability, then it’s important for the design company to be the same. This will ensure your values are upheld and contribute to a better environment.

look to see if the company has a sustainability mission statement on its website. You should also look to see if they are part of any sustainability programmes like BREEAM.

Also consider asking the company how they put their ethics into practice on projects. For example:

  • have a policy of sourcing furniture from eco-friendly manufacturers.
  • knowledge of implementing energy saving lighting, water-saving plumbing systems, recyclable flooring and much more.


  • Talk Technology

Technology has the power to speed up processes and help deliver exacting results. Therefore, you will be at an advantage if you find a company that uses cutting-edge design technology.

For example, the ability to provide 3D designs enables a client to see a life-like representation of the space. Being able to visualise the space in this way offers the best chance of success when the design is implemented later down the line.

In addition to the design process, you should also look to see how the design company uses technology in its projects. This may include digital booking systems for meeting rooms, furniture with integrated power and electronic height-adjustable desks.

  • Think About the Future

COVID-19 has changed the way some companies have worked, with many adopting flexible working on a full-time basis. If this is the case for you, then you need to choose a company that can transform your space for future operations.

If you are operating with less staff in the office, then it’s likely you will need guidance on space planning and furniture selection to accommodate the change. A good interior design company will reimagine your office so that any dead space is optimised.

Make Life Easy

In today’s market, many design contractors take care of the entire project, from the creative design to the fit out or refurbishment work itself. This is ideal if you require a fast turnaround and are looking for a stress-free solution.  Even better, some companies provide aftercare to ensure any teething problems are fixed immediately.

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