With more freelancers and start-ups popping up due to the pandemic, it’s likely that co-working spaces will be in demand like never before. For savvy investors, this will present an opportunity to meet that demand by presenting stunning spaces that offer more than the home environment or a coffee shop.

RAP Interiors’ has pulled together a list of contemporary and practical ideas to help you bring more customers to your co-working space.

Establish a theme

Creating enticing co-working spaces is about more than offering workstations and chairs. Ideally, you want to make it an experience for customers, and a great way to do that is to establish a theme.

  • Sustainable Design — Many companies have adopted a green interior design scheme to show that they are doing their bit in helping the environment.
  • Modern Industrial — The modern industrial look has been popular for years now. It’s edgy, visually arresting and goes perfectly with biophilic elements.
  • Fun and ColourfulA vibrant and bold design scheme will instil a sense of fun that can set you apart from other co-working providers.

Make space for events

One of the benefits of working in a co-working space is the opportunity to attend events and workshops. These can help with professional development and give people the chance to network.

Introduce bleacher seating, as this can double up as a space for work and events. The stacked amphitheatre-style arrangement doesn’t take up too much space, making it extremely practical.  To accompany the bleacher seating, add soft stalls or small coffee tables with seats so it is suitable for large groups.

Promote wellbeing

Healthy guests are happy guests, so it makes sense to promote wellbeing through the design of your space.

  • Offer bike storage and shower facilities for those who prefer to cycle in.
  • Provide a space for yoga and meditation, such as an outside area with decking.

Ideally, you want the space to have as much access to natural sunlight as possible.  According to research, offices with natural light significantly improves wellness amongst office workers.

To maximise exposure to sunlight, consider installing glass meeting rooms that won’t block out light and a skylight.

Introduce facilities for food and drink

In order to compete with coffee shops, many co-working spaces offer food, drink and dining facilities. Tea points are ideal for this, as they offer a place where people can get a hot drink or prepare meals.

Consider adding an adjoining breakout area as well. This will provide an area for guests to dine and network with others working within the space.

Offer a selection of furniture

The mark of a good co-working space is one that offers flexibility. Guests will appreciate having a choice of work settings, and furniture is key to this. Here are a few examples of the kind of furniture available:

  • Shared Workstations —Ideal for small teams and individuals looking to network with others.
  • Ergonomic Furniture — Standing desks help to reduce back ache and even improve productivity.
  • Soft Seating — Such as sofas and individual lounge chairs are must. Design a lounge area with rugs and throws to create a truly welcoming space.
  • Desks with Screens — For extra privacy, introduce desks with integrated screens.

Also keep in mind how the furniture can be put into different zones. E.g. individual chairs and pods will be better in a quiet working zone. For a collaboration zone, shared furniture solutions will be ideal.

Inspire your guests

To hit home that your space is where innovation and business growth happens, introduce elements that inspire guests.

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