‘How might we de-risk the move to a circular economy for the built environment, in Scotland?’

Conducted with an industry-wide range of key stakeholders, during May-July, the purpose of the survey was to establish current views of the value of the Circular Economy and its wider adoption in the Built Environment.

Doug Morwood, Founder of strategy, transformation and innovation platform business, Insight Futures, says: “With the countdown to COP26 Glasgow, the UN Climate Change Conference, having begun it has never been more important to gain a better understanding to help develop a circular economy strategy to support the sector.”

Andrew Jackson, Commercial Director, Shaw Contract EMEA says: “As a supplier and manufacturer of flooring solutions, with a manufacturing base in Scotland, Shaw Contract supported this survey to gain a deeper understanding of how we can work together towards a circular economy, as stakeholders in the development of the built environment and the local economy.”

A key objective was to identify the motivations for and barriers against the adoption of circular economy business models as a new way for businesses to create, deliver and capture value.

It also looked to explore the state of industry readiness in light of current trends, such as impending policy, regulation and taxation change.

Significant findings included:

  • 80% of participants said Circular Economy (CE) was part of their organisational strategy, but the majority did not have a circular plan in place or implemented;
  • 98% see the need for the industry to change
  • Lack of knowledge & awareness and capacity were the two biggest barriers to executing a CE informed business plan and value propositions within individual organisations
  • However, the majority of participants said that their organisation does not offer circular economy related training

With the shortage of construction materials in the UK continuing to impact the industry, and likely for the foreseeable future, the need for us to build a more resilient and sustainable approach, and how we intend to do it has been brought into sharp focus.

Meanwhile “Build Back Better” the UK Government’s plan for growth, sets out plans to support growth through significant investment in infrastructure, skills and innovation, and comes with a vision to enable the transition to net zero in Britain. The implications of this survey in Scotland, on how we might build back better throughout the UK, are significant.

For more information visit https://www.shawcontract.com/en-gb/resources/Sustainability-Circular-Economy