A tidal wave of net zero announcements is washing over us, in this article we look at how architecture and design firm, Perkins&Will, are getting ahead and leading the race to zero.

Six months since the launch of their  net zero carbon interiors pledge, (www.perkinswill.com/net-zero-nowinteriors), which ensures the internal  fit-out of offices and commercial buildings will be net zero embodied carbon, the London studio of architecture and design firm, Perkins&Will, has shared its first progress update.

A new sustainability database

A major outcome since the report launched in October 2020 is the new Now Database, a searchable directory of products that enables the studio’s designers to specify products that support its net zero interior pledge. It has been developed collaboratively with suppliers to capture products from suppliers of all sizes, large or small, and to ensure Perkins&Will measure contributions in a fair and equitable way. Products and materials are scored by Perkins&Will’s in-house sustainability team across various metrics that include sustainability, recyclability, circular principles and areas of focus such as workers’ rights and the diversity of the supplier’s organisations.

Going forward, designers and architects at Perkins&Will’s London and Dublin studios will use this database to prioritise a supply chain that reflects its goal for a sustainable future.

As with Perkins&Will’s Transparency platform, (www.transparency. perkinswill.com), a publicly accessible site that specifies healthy materials, the Now Database aims to sit alongside

Transparency as the go-to site for sustainable and circular-designed products and materials. Additionally, the firm has a long-term vision to make the Now Database accessible to all and ensure the entire industry works together to tackle the climate challenges ahead.

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