The best solutions are the simplest: fact. With this philosophy in mind, SMARTPLY DRYBACKER was created to save dryliners as much time as possible when installing a pattress, without making them choose between quality and getting the job done fast. Put simply, SMARTPLY DRYBACKER rises to meet the needs of those working in the industry. What more could you need?

This is how to install a pattress in record speed with SMARTPLY DRYBACKER.

  1. After installing the metal frames and studwork appropriate for drywall partition systems, choose the best panel size for your project.SMARTPLY DRYBACKER comes in pre-cut sizes of H 2397mm x W 597mm and H 1250mm x W 597mm, which fit perfectly between studs, so you don’t have to do any cutting with saws or other power tools. This minimises risks of injury on-site, as well as the amount of dust, noise and the time spent preparing panels for installation.
  2. Note the pre-cut groove along one edge that measures up perfectly to the metal studwork on your partition frames.This continuous recess in the rear of the panel is designed specifically to accommodate the ‘C’ shaped metal studs in most commercially available drylining systems. Simply slot the board into the flange on this side and it will be held in place while you screw the other to the angle on the next stud.

    As this groove is cut to the exact location of the flange, there is no need to modify or alter it; again, you can avoid the choking dust and deafening noise that usually comes with power saws and drills.

  3. Continue this for all your panels, with the peace of mind that as SMARTPLY DRYBACKER is a highly engineered OSB panel, there are no knots or voids that would otherwise be found in plywood.Able to provide a pattress that will hold radiators, shelves, handrails or other fixtures with ease, SMARTPLY DRYBACKER has been comprehensively tested to the relevant sections of BS5234 Part 2 and demonstrates a high pull-out strength. This means it’s reliable for use where heavy or critical fixtures such as handrails will be installed, and is suitable for use in public access areas including corridors and stairwells, as it demonstrates high levels of impact resistance as proven after testing.



It’s sustainable!
SMARTPLY has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification for its manufacturing, processing, sales and distribution process. SMARTPLY DRYBACKER is manufactured reflecting this, made from FSC certified timber sourced from our own fast-growing pine forests in Ireland.

It has absolutely no added formaldehyde!
This isa major plus if you’re installing a pattress for an environmentally sensitive interior project where formaldehyde emissions need to be kept to a minimum, such as hospitals, laboratories, museums and schools.