Arcadis, which delivers sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets, has launched its 2023 International Construction Costs Report, entitled ‘New Horizons’.  The report looks back at what Arcadis describes as ‘another highly disruptive year across global construction markets’.

The report includes:

  • Construction cost hot spots.   Almost all UK and Ireland major cities rank in the top 25 most expensive places to build.
  • How the challenges of global inflation and net zero compliance accelerated construction costs worldwide
  • How demand for low-carbon performance and climate change resilience is driving an additional ‘green premium’ for the value of sustainable assets.
  • The impact of higher finance costs.
  • A focus on individual countries and how they are performing.
  • An action plan on how to prepare for future success when the market stabilises.

The report can be downloaded here.