A solid partitioning system which compliments, and fully integrates with the glazed Polar range.

Polar Kreate is the ultimate solid cross wall solution to compliment the glazed Polar suite office frontages.

A unique, flexible and fully relocatable bi-block partitioning system, Polar Kreate is available with a diverse range of interchangeable solid panels, available in steel, veneer, fabric, dry wipe and antimicrobial finishes to complement or add contrast the designed surroundings, allowing creativity to flourish and adaptability to take precedence.

Precision engineered to be fully relocatable, Polar Kreate puts sustainability at the forefront of its design. Delivering streamlined and efficient installation and encouraging adaptability in a workspace to meet future demands of the end user. Polar Kreate by its name indicates the additional benefit of full integration with Komfort’s complete Polar range.

So, what makes Polar Kreate so attractive as a sustainable specification option?

Intelligently designed and manufactured, Polar Kreate is efficiently made with a focus on reduced emissions and avoidance of waste during the manufacturing. Part of Komfort’s commitment to the “Steps to Net Zero” program

The relocatable system can be taken apart very easily, can be mounted easily within another area of the workspace, or can be recycled to avoid waste going into a landfill.

Findout more about Polar Kreate at www.komfort.com/launch-polar-kreate