ITW Construction Products and Paslode are set to launch their innovative new tool leasing product under the name of “Pasloan”. The scheme requires no upfront deposit, and provides unlimited tool repairs, free battery replacement and even the option of a relief tool if yours breaks down. Unlike other lease programmes there are absolutely no extra costs incurred over the 3 year lease.

 The Pasloan scheme is available across all the Paslode Lithium tools – the IM360Ci, PPN35Ci and both lithium 2nd fix tools. Prices for the IM360Ci start at £20 per month per tool (pmpt), the IM65 lithium at £18 pmpt and the PPN35Ci at £23 pmpt. Price breaks are offered on lease purchases of over twenty tools.

The cost of replacing an existing tool, or in some cases a fleet of tools, can be expensive. The Pasloan product helps customers in spreading their upfront costs over a small period of time. The customer is then in full ownership of the tool after a three year period.

Pasloan will be fully available in December 2013, starting with the launch of the website Here the customer can choose their desired tool, the quantity needed and also whether they would like the purchase delivered to their home address or a local retailer. The whole process can be finalised online with a full transaction turnaround of just two days!

This is the first time a product like this has been offered by Paslode and over the 3 year period you can save up to 26% of your normal tool costs. The Paslode team will also be taking to the road in the coming months with trade days and training events, to speak directly to end users about the Pasloan scheme.

If you would like further information about the Pasloan scheme, please go to the Pasloan website:, or call the Pasloan hotline on 0141 342 1660.