Acoustic ceiling solutions from Knauf AMF Ceilings have been chosen for eight schools as part of the London Borough of Newham primary school expansion programme. Almost £17 million is being invested in improving facilities and providing extra school places in the borough.

KNauf AMF Roman Road schoolOne of the first schools to undergo successful expansion work is Roman Road Primary in East Ham. Approximately 1,500m² of Thermatex Alpha, Silence and Aquatec ceilings were installed throughout its new buildings.

Specialist ceiling contactor AJ Hills Ltd specified Knauf AMF Ceilings for the schools and explains why: “We’ve worked with Knauf AMF Ceilings on previous education projects and we have a good relationship with them. Their technical support throughout this build was invaluable. Their products meet the required acoustic and fire performance specifications for the schools and are cost effective.”

Creating a healthy learning environment where children and teachers can hear each other clearly was an essential requirement for the school’s teaching areas. Thermatex Silence ceilings are installed in the lower floor classrooms to provide the necessary impact sound insulation to ensure lessons are not disturbed by sounds generated from the rooms above. Silence is a fleece coated ceiling made from two mineral boards bonded together. This construction provides the highest sound absorption and outstanding sound attenuation.

Thermatex Alpha ceilings are fitted in the upper floor classrooms and offer excellent sound absorption which exceeds the BB93 guidelines for schools. The durable, white surface of these tiles has a high light reflectance which helps give the classrooms a bright airy feel, maximising the use of natural daylight and reducing the need for artificial light.

The school’s washrooms are fitted with Thermatex Aquatec ceiling tiles. In wet areas, the humidity level is naturally very high which can weaken the structure of ceiling tiles. Thermatex Aquatec can be manufactured with an added hygiene coating, the tiles resist humidity up to 100% RH and repel mould and bacteria. The ceiling is easy to keep clean, without the need for detergent.

The ceiling tiles in the Thermatex range are easy to handle and cut enabling a quick and efficient installation. The tiles are fitted with AMF grid systems. AMF grid systems are quick to install and available in both 15mm and 24mm widths.

All Thermatex ceiling systems have the highest classification for reaction to fire – up to 60 minutes fire protection which meets standard BS476 part 21.