Knauf AMF, in collaboration with specialist contractor John Taylor, has developed the Knauf AMF Safety Sleeve to improve safety for everyone working above the ceiling, during construction or when carrying out maintenance work.

Peter Symons, commercial director at Knauf AMF, said: “John (Taylor) suffered lacerations to his arm when trying to reach into the ceiling void. This is a common occupational hazard for the industry as a whole. The Sleeve is a simple and clever solution, helping to prevent accidents from exposed hanging wires for ceiling installers and other tradesmen too.”

The ceiling void is often a crowded network of metal grids, pipes, cables and wires fitted in a confined space. Many trade professionals working in this area can find it difficult to access services without injuring themselves on grid hanging wires with sharp unprotected ends. Each year, cuts and abrasions lead to project delays, lost earnings and personal injury claims.knauf-amf-safety-sleeve-press-image-130916

The Knauf AMF Safety Sleeve is designed to be quick and easy to fit. The Safety Sleeve simply clips onto the suspension wire and slides over the exposed trailing end, holding both in place and covering the sharp ends. The Safety Sleeve prevents injuries, making installations safe and secure.

John Taylor cites his reasons for working in partnership with Knauf AMF: “They were the obvious choice to work with as I’ve always been impressed with their approach to innovation and as well as their commitment to health and safety. I contacted Knauf AMF with my idea for the Safety Sleeve and they were very receptive.”