Farnborough Aerodrome hosts one of the largest air shows in the world. To accommodate over 1800 representatives from the global media, including 24 international TV crews, a temporary Media Centre is built for each biennial event. With sustainability in mind, as much of the building is recycled as possible after the show, including all the suspended ceilings. This year, Knauf AMF were able to meet the unique requirements of this project thanks to their comprehensive recycling programme.

John Steele of ceiling contractors JIS, explained: “The client gave me the option to choose which manufacturer to use, as long as they were able to recycle the tiles. I spoke with Gary Fitzgerald of Ceiling System Supplies (CSS) who recommended Knauf AMF’s Thermatex Fine Stratos. I have used AMF tiles a lot in the past and find them good value for a relatively high specification tile.”

With the assistance of John and Gary, AMF were able to supply over 1000m2 of Fine Stratos to the Media Centre. After this year’s show, the tiles were removed and palletised before being returned to CSS for collection and subsequent recycling by AMF.

The Media Centre houses a large work room, lounge, viewing platform and media conference rooms. AMF’s Thermatex Fine Stratos tiles were installed to a number of the conference and meeting rooms to provide a high level of acoustic performance. The lightly textured, sanded tiles offer a clean, crisp appearance for contemporary ceiling design. Most importantly for this project, they are also fully recyclable.

Knauf AMF promotes sustainable practices, helping to create a closed loop supply for materials through its recycling programme. AMF are able to recycle their own ceiling tiles back into their production process, including installation off-cuts, damaged and used tiles (produced after 1st January 1997). This helps to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill and preserves natural resources.

For more information on Knauf AMF’s recycling programme visit www.amfceilings.co.uk.