Clients, installers and stockists alike will benefit from new Knauf Plasterboard range, developed by Knauf – the UK’s leading manufacturer of lightweight building materials and systems – to offer a wider range of performance options from a smaller number of board types; while introducing two high performance products for demanding commercial applications: Knauf Performance Plus and Knauf Soundshield Plus.

Where specifications require a level of sound, fire, moisture, vapour or impact resistance, over and above standard plasterboard then Knauf ’s ‘Panel’ product groups will provide the answer.

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of high humidity, Knauf Moisture Panel, formerly known as Moistureshield, is now also available in 15mm, as well as 12.5mm. Where fire performance is required Knauf Fire Panel – formerly Fireshield – can give 60 minutes’ fire resistance from a single 15mm layer and 120 minutes from 2 layers of 12.5mm boards.

Knauf Vapour Panel – previously Vapourshield – has a metalised polyester foil laminated to the back face to create an effective vapour barrier for lining external walls. Where Severe duty is required, 15mm Knauf Impact Panel is the answer with its tough dense core.

Developed to meet Approved Document E in residential applications, 12.5mm Knauf Sound Panel is the latest addition to the Panel group of boards and gives a higher level of sound performance than standard wallboard thanks to its minimum density of 10kg/m2 making it ideal for residential projects where Approved Document E recommends a minimum weight of 10kg/m².

Complementing the ‘Panel’ family, Knauf Plank is a 19mm thick board that provides an acoustic ‘mass’ layer that is ideal for reducing sound transmission in party walls and separating floors.

Billed as the company’s highest-performing plasterboard, Knauf Performance Plus enables designers to meet the highest standards in terms of impact, fire, sound and moisture resistance all with one board. Supplied in 12.5mm and 15mm thicknesses, Knauf Performance Plus can be used in almost every partition on a commercial project reducing complexity and waste on site because it will meet every necessary standard.

For example, a single 15mm layer, either side of a 70mm Performer partition, gives H1 moisture resistance, 42dB(Rw) sound performance, Severe duty and 60 minutes’ fire resistance without the need for metal flat plates in horizontal joints and deflection heads. The board’s ivory paper face also makes it easy to finish as well as to install.

Available in 12.5mm and 15mm thicknesses, Knauf Soundshield Plus is an upgrade to the popular Soundshield range and offers exceptional acoustic performance as well as enhanced fire and impact performance. Two layers of 15mm Knauf Soundshield Plus, either side of a 70mm Performer partition – incorporating 25mm Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Roll, can achieve an impressive 55dB(Rw) sound performance as well as 120 minutes’ fire resistance and Severe Duty rating for impact too.

Specifically designed for use with the Knauf Shaftwall system, Knauf Core Board offers the high levels of fire and moisture resistance required in lift shafts. Meanwhile, Knauf Wallboard remains the cost-effective choice for partitions, linings and ceilings with standard performance requirements