Knauf has enhanced its Presto scratch render by now offering it in the Regal range of colours, which are the 16 colours readily accepted by most UK planners.

KM1503RR Knauf Regal Range #2The Presto scratch render has been specifically devised for the UK climate and housing stock as this type of render is a traditional finish for housing in many towns and villages across the UK.

Consisting of a lime-based render with high resistance to cracking, Presto render can be applied to the substrate either by trowel or mixing pump, such as those available from Knauf PFT, and then scratched back with a special trowel the next day to expose the coloured aggregate and to form ashlar lines and details to meet local requirements or other design criteria.

Available in a standard grain size of 1.5mm, the 16 colours within the Regal range are: Vanilla, County Cream, Ivory, Lemon, Cream, Mushroom White, Snow White, Sienna Red, Rose, Cool Blue, Pistachio, Stone, Camel, Steel Grey, Platinum and Silver Blue. Each has been extensively tested to deliver quality and reliability as well as to ensure the traditional aesthetic appearance.