Knauf UK & Ireland has launched its Planner Suite specification tool platform enabling customers to find, import and specify Knauf products and systems quickly and easily.

A market first, the new project design tool is available as a BIM Plug-In for Revit and ArchiCAD and a browser-based version (system finder), reducing time spent manually searching for products and cross-checking data.

Knauf Planner Suite contains the most up to date and market leading performance data. Its guided search function provides specifiers with an overview of products and systems that match their specific project requirements, such as fire protection or sound insulation.

The tool also considers factors such as regional availability to ensure only products relevant for the project location are recommended, which is particularly useful for international project planning.

Planner Suite ensures data accuracy over the full BIM model lifetime with its data validation function which checks and updates the data for all Knauf systems.

Dan Roehner, Head of Technical at Knauf UK says, “We are delighted to be able to support our customers at all stages of their planning journey with this suite of tools. Planner Suite will make project planning simpler and more efficient and because Knauf has the most up to date system performance data in the market it will minimise errors at planning stage too.

“Specifiers can also access product information such as data sheets, EPDs and stockists easily through Planner Suite – and even generate a ‘shopping list’ to provide directly to their supplier.”

Planner Suite is available now for the specification of Knauf solutions from standard components to high performance systems.

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