In this loud and busy world, silence truly is golden. There are times when it is a necessity and times when it is a luxury.

Knauf Silentboard rewrites the rules on drywall acoustic performance. Its patented design allows the creation of drywall partitions which outperform the sound reduction of traditional plasterboard and solid masonry walls across a wider range of sound frequencies.

The unique formulation used to manufacture Knauf Silentboard combines density with a high level of flexibility. The result is a board which offers exceptional sound reduction at both high and low frequencies. Knauf Silentboard is therefore ideal for use in cinemas, entertainment complexes and other buildings where low frequency sounds are an issue.

Knauf Silentboard has been proven to improve the sound reduction of a drywall partition by up to 5dB when a single layer is applied to one side, up to 7dB when two layers are applied to one side and up to 9dB when a single layer is applied to each side of the partition.


  • Thermal conductivity: 0.24 W/mK
  • Compliance (to EN 520 Classification): Type D & F
  • Reaction to fire: The National Classification is “Limited combustibility” but the European Classification is rated as “A2”.
  • Tapered edge – differing from standard Tapered Edge as is rounded.

Knauf Silentboard can be seen in action in Stratford where the Knauf Isolator and Knauf Silentboard systems have been specified in a luxury residential development in this thriving area of East London. Manhattan Loft Garden is a collection of 248 single and double-height loft apartments available for both short and long-term rent in the trendy neighbourhood that was home to the London 2012 Olympics.

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