Advice from the Government and the WHO is that we need to adapt to life with Covid-19 for the foreseeable future. So as businesses and schools across the UK are returning to work, social distancing measures need to be a key consideration. To help provide a safe working environment for people in every sector, partitioning experts Komfort has introduced its Protekt Social Distancing range.

This new range will help businesses adapt by implementing both short- and long-term workplace solutions for a safe, quick and future-proof return. Whether it be for offices and reception areas, educational establishments, restaurants, hairdressers or any public area, the way any working space functions will have to be adapted in response to the pandemic.

Komfort Protekt includes both temporary and permanent social distancing systems available with antimicrobial finishes, including full-height glazed partitioning systems, free-standing screens, desk-mounted systems and more.

These systems not only help ensure business continuity but help reduce social contact and the transmission of harmful bacteria or viruses between employees. Importantly, they also provide staff and visitors with the reassurance that health and safety has been prioritised.

The free-standing screens and desk-mounted systems are easily constructed, without any expertise required. Whilst the full height glazed partitioning systems are fully customisable and can be configured to unique environments using Komfort’s expertise and decades of experience.

Komfort’s partitioning and screen solutions are being used nationally, across offices and reception areas, schools and universities, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, airports and hairdressers to help meet social distancing regulations. With available stock and Komfort’s dedicated Protekt team on hand, these systems are helping businesses of all sizes bounce back and adapt to the pandemic quickly and efficiently.

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