Komfort’s new range of Easi-Klix access panels, which come in a range of designs, allow easy access to voids and cavities that contain controls, piping or electronics. Should emergency or regular maintenance work need to be carried out, engineers can access the space quickly and with minimal disruption.

The range caters for almost every eventuality, from plastic panels that are fixed using a pump-applied adhesive through to acoustic, airtight or even 240 minute fire rated panels. Komfort access panels are available in almost any size, ranging from 100mm x 150mm growing as big as 2,400mm high by 3,000mm wide with multiple doors.

Any of the access panels within the Komfort portfolio are available with DuPont Alesta AM Powder Coatings, which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria such as E-coli, making the panels suitable for use in hospital environments, educational spaces, and food establishments and packaging areas.

For the full range of Easi-Klix access panels, visit the Komfort website and download the brochure at www.komfort.com/literature.