Door assembly sealing system manufacturer Lorient has launched its first fully integrated system of drop seal with flush bolt.

The new LAS9010 is a slimline flush bolt that seamlessly integrates with Lorient’s most popular drop seal, LAS8001 si. The flush bolt secures the inactive leaf in a pair of doors to act as a security device. Activated by a discreet Lorient branded lever, the bolt drops into a sleek keep in the floor and has been designed for use with Lorient’s rebated high-performance drop seal. Together, they provide a system that combines security with acoustic, smoke and energy containment at the bottom of the door.

UK designed and manufactured, the flush bolt can be cut to size and teamed with any length of LAS8001 si drop seal. It maintains acoustic performance of the drop seal (Rw 41dB), is fire tested to BS 476-22: 1987 in FD30 and FD60 doors, and is classified to BS EN 12051: 2000.