Makita has launched a cordless drywall cutter that uses the orbiting blade principal from a jigsaw while achieving a far superior straight line accuracy for cutting plasterboard or wood panels, either as loose stock or when installed to create access apertures for electrical switches or water system connections. 

The new Makita DSD180 LXT Drywall Cutter drives the orbiting blade up to 6,000 strokes per minute with depth adjustment from 9mm to 30mm depth of cut. This depth is adjusted by a screw clamp mechanism and the accuracy is beneficial when plunge cutting into board to avoid contact with cables or pipes. A fixed base plate keeps the cutter stable and protects the material from scratches and damage. The angle of the base plate, in relation to the motor body and soft-grip handle, gives excellent machine control and balance and therefore provides accurate manoeuvrability and easy over-head operation.

The orbital action of the blade and the flat base plate achieves high accuracy for straight line cutting and in plunge operations very accurate square corners can be achieved for electrical box installations. Powered by a single 18v Lithium-Ion battery, with fuel gauge, the DSD180 Drywall Cutter is controlled by a variable speed trigger, has a useful LED job light and weighs just 1.9kg.

This cutter has a very efficient dust collection box around the blade mechanism that connects directly to a dust extractor to eliminate almost all dust generated. This is particularly valuable in overhead operations and in retro fit installation in established and occupied premises.

This ‘unique’ Makita DSD180 LXT Drywall Cutter is also available as a body only tool for those operators’ already equipped with Makita 18V Li-Ion batteries.

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