MEDITE products have been used to create a wildlife garden at a Derbyshire school designed by not-for-profit social enterprise Green Future Building, which helps young people gain employment in the sustainable construction industry.

The Margaret Baxter Wildlife Garden at the Lakeside School was created as part of an education and design programme to encourage children’s learning of the natural world. Alongside a wildflower meadow and wetland habitat, a bespoke bird hide and hedgehog-friendly fencing with tailormade wildlife cut-outs were built – both extensively feature MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) and MEDITE PREMIER FR MDF.

The 7m x 4m hide used 30 sheets of MTX and can allow an entire class of children to observe the wildlife. MTX is acetylated MDF, guaranteed to last up to 25 years where in contact with soil, such as where it meets the ground, and up to 50 years elsewhere, in all outdoor weathers.

Twenty-eight sheets of MEDITE PREMIER FR were also used – a flame-retardant MDF panel offering fire protection – to line the inside of the walls.