FPDC has unveiled its training programme for 2013 that will be available as part of
the Management and Supervisory Development Programme (M&SDP) which is funded by CITB-ConstructionSkills.

The M&SDP fund supports training related solutions in the supervisory and
management context. Courses will be run in London, Birmingham and Manchester.
Other locations are subject to demand.

Managing a drywall contract
Aimed at supervisors, managers, or anyone responsible for running a project
once it is live.

This course looks at the preparation needed to start the project, the quality
assurance and handover procedures that should be in place, what technical
and design information will be required and where to find it, and how to handle
progress reviews and keep on top of the workload as the contract progresses.

Managing contracts and getting paid
Aimed at anyone responsible for checking / agreeing contractual arrangements.

What are the key points to look for when you receive a new contract? What
are the common pitfalls? This course helps you by assembling a ‘contract
checklist’ to reduce the risk of missing those important contractual points.

We will then deal with payment: what are your rights, how do you agree
payment terms and what protection is there in legislation?

From entering the contract through to final account, this will help you make
sure you get what you are owed.

SFS systems
Key facts contractors should know regarding the design and installation of light gauge
steel frame systems.

SFS systems are specialised and can be complex, and the design and installation
of these systems requires its own unique set of skills and knowledge.

As more and more contractors are presented with opportunities to carry out this
work, this course provides the grounding for all you should know in order to avoid
problems later on.

Sustainability and the Green Deal
Understanding the Green Deal and opportunities it brings for member businesses.

Over the next two decades FPDC member companies will have the opportunity
to do a huge amount of work under the Green Deal – but you need to know how to
become an approved installer and what is involved in the work itself.

This course will prepare you for taking on work under the Green Deal scheme.

To find out more visit www.fpdc.org