Performance Technology Group business Mayplas has launched a thermal and acoustic insulation product for suspended ceiling systems made from UK-grown industrial hemp.  Named ‘Thermapad’, the hemp pad is part of the Performance Technology Group’s new GroundID range of insulation products integrating natural fibres.

Available in a number of sizes to fit different manufacturers’ metal tray ceiling systems, Thermapad consists of a natural fibre hemp slab, cut and enclosed by Mayplas.

Thicknesses include 100mm, 150mm and 200mm, providing thermal resistance of 2.25 m²K/W, 3.40 m²K/W and 4.50 m²K/W respectively.

With a nominal bulk density of 35kg/m3, which is comparable to conventional insulation products, Thermapad also assists in reducing sound reverberation.

“Thermapad is great for reducing heat loss and improving acoustics in spaces within suspended ceilings using a more natural product,” says Mark Atkinson, the Performance Technology Group’s product and business development director.  “Where renewable products are at the forefront of design, Thermapad is an excellent option.

“We are very excited to be bringing Thermapad to the market as the first product from our new GroundID range of natural insulation, with other products for thermal and acoustic applications in development across Performance Technology Group businesses.”

The Performance Technology Group has worked with bio-based materials business IndiNature to develop the hemp thermal ceiling pad with ‘IndiNature Inside’.

The industrial hemp is grown in Yorkshire.  A traditional UK cover crop, hemp is fast growing and renewable.  The hemp fibre is separated on the farm and the remainder of the plant is used for varied purposes including hempcrete insulation, animal bedding, packaging and biomass fuels.

“Sourcing hemp in the UK is supporting local jobs as well as reducing carbon in transport,” explains Sam Baumber, IndiNature’s co-founder and chief operating officer.  “Unlike other insulations, industrial hemp captures carbon as it grows and the thermo-bonding process is conducted at low temperatures and energy use.  As a result, industrial hemp insulation has a net capture of carbon alongside other benefits for biodiversity and soil health, and as a re-processable renewable resource is a sustainable material.

“The Performance Technology Group’s initiative to develop new natural insulation products is very significant in terms of both offering more sustainable products for the future and in scaling up their use in retrofit and new build construction,” he said.

Part of the Performance Technology Group, Mayplas is an insulation specialist, producing a wide range of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation products.  Mayplas’ manufacturing facilities are at Bury in the North West of England. Working with architects, contractors, developers, distributors and merchants for over 45 years, Mayplas delivers insulation solutions to meet most specifications.

IndiNature is an innovative leader in bio-based materials and construction products. Having established its manufacturing base in 2022 in the Scottish Borders, IndiNature uses leading science and traditional crops to manufacture UK grown and made natural fibre insulation. It is the first dedicated facility for natural fibre insulation production in the UK.