Oriented Strand Board (OSB) manufacturer SmartPly has launched its SmartPly FR (Flame Retardant) OSB3 for projects where Euroclass Reaction to Fire compliance is required.

Euroclass was introduced in 2000 as the harmonised European classification standard for the Reaction to Fire of building materials manufactured and sold in the EU. With fire prevention a crucial consideration both on- and off-site, SmartPly FR OSB3 meets a growing need for flame-retardant OSB that achieves Euroclass C-s2,d0 for wall, ceiling, roofing and free-standing applications, and Euroclass BFL-s1 for flooring applications.

SmartPly FR OSB3 has flame retardance built into every panel, manufactured using a water-based, eco-friendly fire retardant called Zeroignition Solution. The addition of Zeroignition during the manufacturing process ensures that the SmartPly FR OSB panels have the same quality and structural strength as all OSB3 manufactured by SmartPly to European Standard EN300.