The Association of Noise Consultants has created a free guidance document to provide built environment professionals with top-line guidance on the new Approved Document O (ADO) ‘Overheating’ England.

The ANC has received a number of enquiries seeking clarity over the acoustic requirements of ADO.


In response, it has produced a Q and A document, available to view at: some of the main questions relating to the acoustic requirements of ADO.

Later this year, the ANC will publish a more comprehensive overview, with the ‘Guide to Demonstrating Compliance with the Noise Requirements of Approved Document O” due for launch in summer.

A spokesperson from the ANC said: “Approved Document O (ADO) ‘Overheating’ England came into effect in June 2022 and sets requirements on limiting unwanted solar gains within residential properties.

“The document lists four different methods for removing excess heat. The most suitable method for controlling overheating must take account of several factors, one of which is noise in bedrooms during night-time periods.

“The intention is to avoid residents having to choose between thermal comfort or adequate control of outdoor sound in bedrooms at night.

“Acoustic assessment is required as part of compliance with ADO to ensure that the strategy to remove excess heat for all new-build residential accommodation is useable for the site-specific environmental conditions.

“ANC members’ expertise can help built environment professionals navigate the acoustic aspects associated with ADO, and it’s important to recognise that professional advice should be sought at the beginning of a project for the best outcome.”