Hilti has launched the PD-C Laser range meter which allows the user to capture and save highly accurate measurement data thanks to a built-in, five mega-pixel camera.

This state-of-the-art handheld device incorporates Hilti PulsePower technology and is rated for direct laser measurements with +/- 1.0 mm accuracy over a working range of 0.15 to 200 meters – or 0.5 to 656 feet.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, easy-to-follow graphics on the intuitive touchscreen allow contractors to navigate the tool’s functions. The most innovative feature, called ‘Measure from the Picture Application’, allows users to estimate the object’s dimensions directly from the image.

Contractors can also store this data to the PD-C’s 4GB of internal memory and add comments to thes digital images at any point in the process.

This project data can subsequently be exported to a smartphone or PC, either as a PDF report, or annotated JPG image via Bluetoothor USB.

Tough and highly robust, the Hilti PD-C Laser range meter’s touchscreen is made from scratch resistant Gorilla® glass which can be operated by contractors wearing gloves.

Agnieszka Gajek, Northern Europe Product Manager for Measuring Systems at Hilti, said: “Measurements are vitally important data and when they’re correct everything works. The Hilti PD-C makes it possible to capture the most accurate laser measurements, draw them directly onto a photo and save them to share later – all using one device which can be held in your palm.

“Feedback to date suggests that the most popular new feature is the ‘Measure from the Picture Application’ function. Once a photo of a wall or façade is made, any distance inside the picture can be easily estimated through a quick and simple drag-and-drop function.

“By making it easy to document and digitalise this information on the worksite, the PD-C simplifies reporting issues, the planning of material orders or collaborations with partners.”

All Hilti measuring systems can be purchased through the company’s Fleet Management programme whereby a fixed monthly charge covers all tool, calibration, service and repair costs over four years, which includes drop cover and theft protection.

For customers who prefer to own their own tools outright the Hilti Lifetime Service gives a complete no-cost period of two years, which includes the same high level of cover.

For more information and to watch the video visit www.hilti.co.uk/pd-c