In the modern world of business and office culture, technology and smart workplaces are becoming more sought after by employees, employers, visitors and investors. Not only does newer technology improve the running of business, but it also opens doors to new opportunities, boosts innovation, improves employee productivity and assists in other aspects such as security and support. Every year, offices and companies around the world are finding new ways to improve their environment and resources to create collaborative, modern spaces for employees to enjoy and customers to benefit from. Here are just a few new office technologies we except to see in 2023.

Smart security 

When it comes to technology and security, there are both a positive and negative stance. With newer softwares and updates come a greater threat in terms of cyber attacks and viruses. But on the flip side, offices now have access to a range of advanced equitpment that offers highs security measures for devices, buildings, the environment and humans themselves. Smart security could include features such as smart alarms, mobile management systems, face/finger recognition and remote monitoring.

Sound masking

Sound masking is a new technique which offices and workplaces will begin to use in order to boost concentration levels and regulate audio. Working in a similar way to white noise, sound masking raises ambient noise levels. Instead of cancelling or eliminated speech noise, this technique reduces how far away discussion can be heard. This feature is specifically beneficial in collaborative areas where open plan working might be common and certain sections are introduced for privacy and quiet learning.

Video collaboration

Due to the rise in hybrid and remote work, we’ve already seen a great shift in the way collaboration works. Businesses are now opting for an online approach when it comes to communication as this allows both staff and customers to interact anywhere, any time, in a flexible and modern way. As more businesses are joining systems such as zoom and slack, 2023 will see a major boost in online meetings, remote working, video conferencing and online partnerships.

Artificial intelligence

Throughout 2023, AI systems and platforms will be integrated into more business processes, replacing static human tasks but also providing information, decision making and solutions. Used in sectors such as sales and marketing, AI will be used to revent data leaks, improve cyber security, improve supply chain management and help in the HR sector.


Sustainability and carbon footprints are on every businesses mind, meaning new technologies will be sure to take the environment into consideration. In 2023, larger corporations and brands will begin to invest in more reneweabe resources, from technology which is more up to date, reliable, energy efficient and sustainable. This could include implementing solar power, installing reusable water features and decorating with automated office suppliers such as lights, heating and power.

Author details: Roy Thompson, Managing Director, ACI,