Drywall Pro-Cut offers a bespoke offsite cutting service for drywall components built to specification.

A new producer of offsite drywall components has launched to help reduce on-site waste, increase the quality of board cuts and drive efficiencies in the installation process.

Drywall Pro-Cut produces plasterboard, metalwork, full boards, studs and components all cut to size, which can be ordered through its online platform. Customers enter their required specification and quantity, which are then cut by its specialist machinery and sent direct to site ready for installation.

The pre-made drywall components will significantly reduce on-site waste and the associated disposal costs, as well as decreasing the number of installers and supervisors required on-site by up to 25 per cent.

Manufactured in a factory setting to a strict degree of accuracy, the plasterboard and drywall components will increase installation consistency, as well as taking away the risk of injury and dust inhalation for site installers.

Available online from www.drywallpro-cut.co.uk  all boards are manufactured by the leading producers and cut to size with Drywall Pro-Cut specialist machinery.

A spokesperson for Drywall Pro-Cut, said: “After many years’ experience on sites handling large volumes of plasterboard, it is clear that the waste, resource and time it takes during the installation process could be managed in a more efficient way, and with a higher level of safety.

“Cutting plasterboard and making drywall components to exact measurements offsite combats this, as well as providing contractors with the peace of mind that components are made to a high standard and specification to avoid costly future rework.”