FIS has launched a new risk management tool to encourage a culture of scrutinising risk in a structured way at the outset of a project.

It has been created to help members embrace the thinking behind the Product Process People (PPP) Quality framework.

The FIS Risk Register (a spreadsheet) gives people a structured framework so they can interrogate their projects before they start, whereby they measure risk and understand the severity of the outcomes. They record the risk, allocate responsibility and people.

It enables a structured assessment on the severity and probability of each risk occurring, so that any unacceptable high risk issues can be scrutinised in more detail and management strategies put in place. The tool contains a range of useful links to additional tools and information that will support companies using it.

FIS CEO Iain McIlwee said: “Grenfell and the subsequent work we have been involved in has changed the way we think about risk and failure in construction. Whilst risk is unescapable in any construction project, it is vital that as an industry we get better at measuring, managing and mitigating. This simple tool is built on the premise that if you can’t measure it or didn’t think about it, you can’t manage it. It aims to help people to score risks. ”

He said it was seen as an evolving tool that will be developed in conjunction with other tools currently being developed through FIS working groups to help businesses of all sizes focus on where and how failure can happen and avoid it. “Everything we learn from our ongoing engagement and problem solving with and our member community and the wider work we do, will be played back into this tool and it will be updated regularly. As a community, we need to learn from each other’s mistakes,” he said.