FIS works closely with the AWCI, which provides resources for contractors, suppliers and manufacturers to operate a successful business in the wall and ceiling industry in the United States.  Here are some articles highlighted by AWCI that readers may find of interest.

Lumber prices lead to drastic measures

The Federal Reserve believes lumber price spikes are temporary, but in the interim, dwindling supply has forced some builders to trek far distances for the material or lock it up to prevent theft. Builders have called on the Biden administration to eliminate a tariff on Canadian wood to ease the problem.

Full Story: NBC News

Biden administration looks to decarbonize buildings

The White House will collaborate with the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency to develop federal building performance standards to support carbon-reduction goals. The Biden administration has also revealed plans to support research, development and deployment of clean heating and cooling systems.

Full Story: S&P Global

Drywall company makes complex shapes

Professional Drywall Construction has developed an origami-inspired assembly method that involves using a combination of gypsum, wood, plastic and cement board to produce complex shapes. “We pre-fabricate profiles in our shop, reducing on-site installation time and increasing the overall appearance as corners and other profiles are installed in one piece,” says Ron Perry, president and co-owner of PDC.

Full Story: For Construction Pros