Wall panelling is back in fashion and no longer reserved for historic homes. An easy look to achieve, add a sense of luxury to any bathroom with a lightweight, water-resistant wallcovering made from specialised MDF.

Whether the brief is classic or contemporary, there’s not a more on-trend way to add more design interest to a room, accentuate it’s shape and even insulate and protect walls.

RGW Building Solutions Ltd, who specialise in professional bathroom and kitchen installations, recently used MEDITE® TRYCOYA® EXTREME (MTX) MDF panels for panelling and mouldings to create a fashionable, elegant bath and shower room. 

MTX is developed specifically for use in situations where water or humidity can be issues and has been used in diverse applications from in-shower wall panelling to outdoor kitchen surfaces. It is guaranteed for up to 50 years above ground and provides architects and designers with unlimited design flexibility and creativity.

Robert Whyte, Director of RGW Building Solutions Ltd, said of the recent project: “Teenagers use this bath and shower room so you can image how much water goes everywhere! However, thanks to the smooth, polished finish of MTX, any water just slides off the panels as if it’s sliding off glass.”

MTX has a naturally altered chemical structure, owing to the acetylation treatment process it has gone through to treat the wood elements. This process greatly reduces the ability of the panels to absorb water and creates a panel with outstanding durability and stability.

“I know others who have used the product before; one of them built an outdoor gate using MTX and it still looks great after a couple of years. We feel confident hearing about these projects because it assures us that the finished product is going to last.”

MTX can be used in applications where normal medium density fibreboards cannot, but retains all the same machining and fixing properties. It is also able to be primed and painted for interiors with the usual bathroom or kitchen paint.

Robert concluded: “We are also using MTX in the dining room, and I am even using it for my own bathroom! It’s an excellent product to work with. This project has turned out extremely well.”

To find out more about MTX and how it can benefit your project, visit: mdfosb.com/en/products/medite-tricoya-extreme.