Contracted by KSS Architects and Portview Fit-out, Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics has installed Rockfon Mono Acoustic plaster solution at the new King’s Cross Samsung Experience Centre in London.

Samsung King’s Cross is not a shop, but an experience space designed to give guests the ultimate immersive brand experience. Samsung KX is a space where people are invited to discover, interact with and learn new skills in a dynamic, innovative environment, so the acoustics had to be perfect.

The detailed curved troughs, within the large symmetrical space, were installed using plywood formers fixed to the grid works. Plasterboard and beading was used to form the curves and sprayed with Rockfon Mono elegant render, in white.

Rockfon mono panels were installed in the areas between the troughs, for which systematic installation techniques were required by its specialist team. Work took place from Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS) due to the awkwardness of the sloping areas and great expanse. The finished product was sprayed with Rockfon elegant render to achieve a white ceiling with 87% light reflection and 99% light diffusion, ensuring that the ceiling looks clean and neat. The finished ceiling has a 9.4 rating on the L value (iso7724 measured 1 black and 100 white).

Pacy & Wheatley’s team also oversaw the installation of the lighting and ventilation outlets, ensuring that they integrated perfectly into the troughs.

As the company was appointed to carry out the works in a very short time frame, its team worked long hours to finish the project perfectly and on time to ensure Samsung KX achieved its requirement of a unique and visually beautiful space for people to browse and explore.

CLIENT:  Portview Fit-out Ltd
SECTOR:  Specialist Acoustic Plaster System
TYPE:  Mono Acoustic
LOCATION: Coal drops yard Kings Cross