The Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster has launched a Call for Evidence, inviting the public to share its views on a planned major restoration and renewal programme and asking how the heritage of the Palace of Westminster should be conserved and safeguarded?

The Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster, co-chaired by the Leader of the House of Commons and the Leader of the House of Lords, was appointed by the two Houses of Parliament in July 2015 to consider the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster.  The Committee’s main task is to make a recommendation to both Houses about the best way to approach the Restoration and Renewal Programme, a major programme of repair and conservation which is intended to start during the 2020 Parliament.

The Palace of Westminster is one of the most important and recognisable buildings in the world.  It is a Grade I listed building and, with Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church, forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also home to one of the busiest parliaments in the world, with more than a million people, including 70,000 schoolchildren, passing through its doors each year.

The Committee is inviting written evidence to be received by 22 January 2016.