A research project led by Etex Building Performance, the parent company for Siniat, Promat and EOS Facades, has found that preparation works, such as measuring and cutting boards, account for up to one-third of wasted or non-value-added time on-site.

The research project was a joint study with BRE (Building Research Establishment) and Etex, and assessed the speed of installation for different drywall systems on a live multi-residential refurbishment site, including taping and jointing, twin frame and single frame partition systems. In addition to the time lost due to preparation works, the research showed that time spent handling materials was responsible for just under one-fifth (18 per cent) of inefficient working.

A comparison between the benefits of using tape and jointing finishing over the widely used skimming plaster technique also found that, if managed properly, tape and jointing offered the highest output rates in terms of apartment units completed over time.

Commenting on the findings, Neil Ash, managing director for Etex Building Performance UK, said: “The UK needs to boost its productivity across all areas of its economy.  Driving on-site efficiencies in the construction sector, in particular, is vital to meeting house building and development targets. This research highlights how small innovations can add up to big efficiencies.  Simple changes, such as making materials quicker to cut or easier to handle, can drive significant improvements for the drylining sector and construction projects as a whole.”