Passive fire protection specialist Promat has launched a new 60-minute fire protection board for steel encasements called Promatect-XW, specially designed to boost productivity on site.

Promatect-XW can be used to cost-effectively safeguard steel columns and beams at limiting temperatures from 300ºC to 650°C, making it ideally suited for multi-residential, commercial, healthcare and education projects.  The material has already been specified for a number of new school developments.

Thanks to its resistance to water, weather and mould, the board can be left exposed on site for up to three months.  This means it can be installed early in the construction phase, before a building is watertight, giving greater flexibility in the build timetable.  Promatect-XW is simple and efficient to install.  At just 15mm, the frameless, A1 non-combustible board is often thinner than other fire resistance materials, saving valuable space across a development.

In line with Promat’s rigorous product development process, Promatect-XW has been tested as part of a wider materials system to assess its performance in conjunction with other building components.  Its raw materials and manufacturing processes are fully traceable.  The board has also been independently certified by Warringtonfire.

Promat product manager, David Roulstone, comments: “As the government brings forward new building safety regulations, project teams want peace of mind that the materials they specify and install will deliver the performance they need and expect.  Promatect-XW ticks all the boxes for projects with a 60-minute fire requirement.  Fully accredited and independently certified, it is cost-effective, easy and quick to install.”