Promat, the leading passive fire protection specialist, has launched PROMATECT®-H a high-performance fire-resistant mineral board.

PROMATECT®-H is the ideal solution for architects and specifiers because it offers superior fire resistance and, in the event of a fire, it can protect concrete elements for up to 240 minutes. This means that the use of the board in a building will ensure that concrete columns, walls, beams, and slabs comply with all existing fire regulations and UK Building Regulations. In addition to this, the fire protection board is classified as A1 non-combustible is tested and classified in accordance with EN13501-1, making it easy to specify with confidence.

David Roulstone, Passive Fire Protection Product Manager at Promat, commented, “Although many building materials have an element of natural resistance to fire, for example bricks and concrete, in the event of a fire exposed concrete can experience both mechanical and chemical changes such as explosive spalling and external cracking. These changes can allow the direct heating of exposed reinforcing steel (rebar). When exposed to temperatures of over 260°C, rebar will progressively lose its strength, resulting in the potential structural failure of reinforced concrete.”

David continued, “However, by specifying fully-tested passive fire protection board, such as PROMATECT®-H, architects and specifiers can rest assured that a building’s concrete elements comply with all existing fire and UK Building Regulations to minimise the risk of reinforcing steel or concrete overheating before occupants have had sufficient time to exit a building in the unfortunate event of a fire.”

PROMATECT®-H is tested to EN 13381-3:2015, and offers architects, main contractors, sub-contractors, and other specifiers the option to upgrade structural elements. This offers a more flexible approach to internal fit outs or refurbishment projects as ceilings and partitions can also be created easily using Etex fire protection boards. As an added advantage, the boards also have a smooth surface to achieve a great finish with paints and standard joint fillers.

With a high resistance to water, PROMATECT®-H will not deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions. This enables the board to be installed and left semi-exposed, so it can be brought into the construction schedule at an early stage, making the build process faster and helping to keep to project timelines.

At just 12mm or 25mm, PROMATECT®-H is also a slim board and therefore has minimal impact on the overall dimensions of a building. Being available in two thicknesses also means that PROMATECT-H covers the full range of applications and fire resistance requirements.

For more information on PROMATECT®-H boards and other Promat passive fire protection products, get in touch with the Promat team.