The latest Ceiling Mesh system manufactured and supplied by QIC Ceilings has seen a specialist subcontractor install a Mesh Metal ceiling at 155 Bishopsgate London.

QIC Ceilings supplied configurable metal mesh MW250 tiles and acoustic pad infill, featuring versatile lay in panels, they were specified for areas on several floors of 155 Bishopsgate.

The QIC Ceiling systems were installed over one month by a team of specialist sub-contractors who required the installation to be defect free at completion.

QIC’s sales manager Dan Organ said: “Due to the complex nature of the bespoke metal mesh ceiling, we at QIC liaised with the installer and together ensured we could achieve completion for the project.

‘With a team of specialist fixers, it allowed for a straightforward and perfect installation which is versatile and met what the client had specified. QIC were privileged to have been given the opportunity to manufacture and supply the bespoke ceiling system and are excited by the move towards more specialist ceiling systems and unique designs.”

QIC Ceiling systems were specified by the architect for a dining area and informal meeting space with adjacent meeting pods but by the time it came to installation the space had become open-plan office space.

The contemporary black RAL 9005 mesh metal tiles from QIC, customised with larger open area mesh and installed using a standard T grid system, delivers the industrial aesthetic the architect was looking for, complete with functionality as the exposed services above the ceiling needed to be accessible.

For more information, contact the QIC Sales team via the contact details below.