Being in an overtly-loud space – whether it’s in a restaurant, an office, a gym or anywhere else – is really irritating, right? You’d be reluctant to go back or never return again. Maybe at home, the marble top counter in the kitchen wasn’t the best idea for open plan living, but you’re stuck with it. Or are you?

Rockfon is proud to announce it has been awarded the industry-leading Quiet Mark certification for its Mono Acoustic, Blanka and Color-all acoustic ceiling tile ranges which will help solve these excessive noise issues, and they will look amazing.

Here we have a beautiful range of colours and styles that allow you to get as creative – or discreet – as you like with your acoustic ceiling and they all have built-in Class A sound absorption from the stone wool core.

Rockfon is one of a growing number of building material manufacturers to have its products assessed by Quiet Mark. Nigel Watkins, Country Director at Rockfon UK & Ireland, explains why: “Rockfon has been an expert in acoustics for over 60 years, but we understand very well that acoustics can be complex. Quiet Mark certification is a short cut for saying “this product is going to help make your space quieter.”

Rockfon Mono Acoustic is a seamless acoustic ceiling. It is often used discreetly in residential properties, heritage projects or offices where it looks like a smooth plasterboard finish, but it has Class A sound absorption. But Mono Acoustic has allowed the imaginations of some architects to run riot, creating big geometric shapes or curves on walls and ceilings, to create Instagrammable moments for their clients in restaurants, shops and public spaces.

Not all acoustic suspended ceilings are white. There are 34 contemporary colours in the Rockfon Color-all range which has been curated by Interior Designer, Sara Garanty, chosen to reflect nature’s colours.  The tiles – which come with a matching grid – provide great opportunities for zoning different areas, depending on how you want to make people feel. Greens are relaxing, blues encourage us to think outside the box and be creative, yellows are uplifting, creams and browns feel cosy, and so on. These tones are designed to bring acoustic and visual comfort to interiors, to enhance well-being

Quiet Mark is an independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. Its international award programme recognises excellence in low-noise products, technology and solutions to unwanted noise.

Poppy Szkiler, chief executive and co-founder of Quiet Mark, said: “Because sound is invisible, it is often overlooked. Yet the fundamental impact it has on all the physical rhythms of our bodies, our hormones, heart rate and brain waves, is so profound and inherent to our wellbeing, and therefore also to the design process of the buildings we live in.”

“Quiet Mark and our expert team of acousticians are delighted to approve and certify three beautiful acoustic ceiling products by industry leaders, Rockfon, whose vast selection of edge designs, dimensions, colours and shapes help architects create spaces that people can enjoy with their eyes and their ears”.

Rockfon is part of the ROCKWOOL Group and manufacturers stone wool acoustic solutions including ceiling tiles and grid, baffles, islands and wall panels.