Rockfon was given the opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of its specialist ranges to meet the specific needs of a wide range of spaces while contributing to the BREEAM ‘Excellent’ environmental status of this stunning project.

This new five storey medical school enables students to experience real life situations encountered by those in the medical profession. It includes lecture theatres, laboratories, a clinical skills suite with mock consultation rooms to simulate hospital wards or a GP surgery, a pro-section anatomy suite and bio-medical and health sciences library.

Professor Mary Stuart was University of Lincoln Vice Chancellor at the time, “It represents more than just a building – it is a commitment to current and future communities in Lincolnshire to develop sustainable healthcare for the region.”

HLM were the client architects, ‘The scheme has been modelled to create the optimal sustainable environment through informed decisions on site layout, massing, orientation, building fabric, elevational treatment and Integrated renewable energy systems. To further enhance student mental health and wellbeing, the scheme uses biophilic design principles including natural lighting and ventilation, visual links to natural landscape features and natural materials.’

Meeting and exceeding client aspirations

Shradha Mishra was Project Manager for the Estates Department at University of Lincoln. At its completion she said, “The Lincoln Medical School… has had a strong focus on sustainability throughout the design and construction process. With this in mind, the strategy for the building required exposed ceilings and therefore it was important to review and manage the acoustic requirements of the spaces to ensure a suitable working and teaching environment. Following extensive design and consultation with acoustic engineers, Rockfon were recommended for installation across the project which included a variety of both suspended ceiling grid tiles and acoustic baffles in open plan areas to support the absorption of sound.”

BAM were main contractors for the project with BAM Design leading architectural design.

Brebur Limited were responsible for the installation of ceiling and wall systems at Lincoln. Operations Director Vinny Lilley had this to say, “We have an excellent relationship with Rockfon. Their wide range of specialist products always ensures the architectural vision is achieved. They are always on-hand to offer technical advice and commercial acumen, with around 2,500sqm of tile and grid components being supplied by regional distributors.

Acoustics reducing stress and enhancing health

Acoustic Rockfon Eclipse® islands are utilised within open plan areas where they are suspended on wires from the soffit, giving the illusion that they float. They can be specified in a variety of shapes with unlimited custom colour matching. Eclipse islands are perfect for thermal mass installations and where a traditional suspended ceiling cannot be installed. At Lincoln they are also present as wall panels to further control sound.

Improved acoustics can increase focus by 48% and reduce stress levels by 27%, which aids learning and wellbeing (independent research). The high light reflectance characteristics of Rockfon ceiling and wall systems also help reduce the need for artificial light, saving energy and enhancing health.

Elsewhere within the school, Rockfon Blanka® is installed. Available in a wide range of sound control and durability performance characteristics, its non-directional, anti-static surface prolongs product life. The range embodies Class A sound absorption (aw 1.00), 87% light reflection, >99% light diffusion and room to room sound Insulation >26dB.

Rockfon’s Chris Carr-Elliman, “All Rockfon ranges are made from inert volcanic rock (stone wool) which offers no sustenance to microorganisms and demonstrates outstanding reaction to fire. Most are available in a full range of formats including concealed, semi-concealed and visible grid options from our extensive Chicago Metallic grid systems.”

Specialist ranges for every space

HTM 60 compliant Rockfon Medicare was the perfect fit at Lincoln where it offers outstanding performance in terms of infection control. Simple cleaning and low particle emission (ISO Class 4) also mark it out as a first choice for healthcare specification, along with its Class A sound absorption and highest fire safety (Class A1).

Also within the building, the superior moisture resistant properties and wipe clean surface of Rockfon® Koral™ were important considerations for its use. Affordable, Rockfon® Artic™ was also put to good use in several areas at the school. In common with other Rockfon ranges, both Koral and Artic offer excellent sound absorption and fire safety characteristics.

Shradha Mishra continued, “Since completion of the building, we have had positive feedback from building users about both the aesthetic appearance of the Rockfon products along with the acoustic performance of them.”