A new office space, which is part of the Regus global workplace offering, has been fitted out with Rockfon Artic ceilings. Regus’s new Leicester site has been designed to suit different working styles with open-plan and private areas available in addition to kitchen amenities.

Rockfon Artic - shot 044Approximately 1500m² of Rockfon Artic ceilings were installed to provide enhanced sound absorption (0.8aw) which helps control unwanted noise, aid concentration and improve privacy. The ceiling tiles have a smooth white finish, ideal to complement the office’s minimalist design, and offer optimum light reflection creating light, bright areas that reduce the need for artificial light.

Artic ceilings offer the safest Class A1 fire performance and are also ideal for moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as they withstand up to 100 per cent humidity resistance and keep their shape.

The ceiling tiles were fitted using Rockfon’s Chicago Metallic 2890 click grid system by Ian Sturgess from Elmsmere Ceilings, a Rockfon Active Installer. He commented: “We’ve used Rockfon Artic ceilings before and because the tiles are light in weight and easy to cut they are a great product to fit. The installation went like clockwork.”