Rockfon Sonar X edge ceiling tiles were chosen for a new purpose-built building at Queensmill School in London, an award-winning education provider for children with autistic spectrum disorders from nursery age to 19 years.

Rockfon  Queensmill-low res onlineThe concept design was by 3BM and LSI Architects developed the detail design from planning stage through to completion on-site. Bouygues UK was appointed main contractor and StilSound Ceiling was chosen to install the Rockfon system, selected to satisfy the school’s specific acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

Charlie Graham from StilSound fitted the Rockfon Sonar ceilings using the Chicago Metallic T24 Click 2890 grid system. He explained: “The interior is designed to create a ‘low arousal’ environment for the children who have complex autism, so they can learn in a calm state. To meet this requirement, the Sonar X tiles were installed using a concealed suspension grid to avoid any discernible grid patterns which could become a distraction for the pupils.”

Rockfon Sonar X edge tiles create a near-monolithic ceiling design because of the reduced seam between the tiles. Unlike other concealed grid systems which require special consideration and measuring for the placement and cutting of tiles, the Sonar X edge tiles have a symmetrical design and are quick and easy to install in any order, still creating the continuous, elegant look the school wanted. Tiles are available in a bright white micro-textured surface with a high-reflectance value of 85 per cent.

Good acoustic control is essential in a school classroom to ensure children understand what is being said. Rockfon’s Sonar ceilings provide the highest level of sound absorption – Class A αw value of 1.0 – helping to create the optimum acoustic environment for effective learning. The school’s wet room is also fitted with Rockfon Sonar tiles for their moisture-resistant properties of up to 100 per cent RH.