The Maidenhead-based Thames Hospice service has proudly served its community for more than 30 years, offering world-class palliative and end-of-life care and support to people across East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire.

Thames Hospice, “We provide the highest quality nursing, medical and therapeutic care supporting the physical, social and emotional needs of our patients and their loved ones. Our services are free of charge to all who need us, thanks to the generosity of our amazing community and organisations, as well as our 700 incredible volunteers who give their time to support the best possible end-of-life care for local people.”

KKE Architects were responsible for the project. They said, “Set in more than eight acres, with stunning views across landscaped gardens and Bray Lake, the new hospice has 28 inpatient beds in individual en-suite rooms. The new Day Centre (the Paul Bevan Centre) offers a wider range of daily therapeutic and social activities for day patients and inpatients and has allowed the hospice to double its day service provision.”

Bespoke seamless acoustic islands created on site

In one part of the building, KKE Architects designed a central double height rotunda from which 11 concrete ‘spokes’ splayed from the structure underneath a circular glass dome. Islands were the best option for acoustic control within these unusual spaces, which the installers – Aspect Ceilings and Partitions – were able to create on site with Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic system components. This approach eliminated any lead time in ordering bespoke, pre-manufactured islands.

Rockfon Mono Acoustic is a system comprising grid, panel and acoustic render, which can be used to create ceilings, wall coverings and bespoke islands and rafts.

Within the rotunda 1200 x 1200mm panels were initially cut to size and adhered directly to the concrete soffit. They were then taped, jointed, filled and rendered to create seamless, elegant islands which help create a calm atmosphere by providing Class A sound absorption.

Aspect Ceilings and Partitions carried out the installation of Rockfon acoustic systems at the Hospice. Company Director Grant Stevens “This was a great project to be involved with. We know the Rockfon team are always available to offer advice. Given the bespoke nature of the design, the installation relied heavily on the creativity of the installation team. The process needed to be precise and the completed work looks great.”

Optimum acoustics can improve sleep and reduce anxiety

Thanks to its core of naturally occurring, non-hygroscopic stone wool, it provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms, embodies high humidity resistance and is impervious to most environmental pressures. It is Bronze level Cradle to Cradle Certified® and can also contribute valuably to LEED, BREAM and WELL Building Standards.

Rockfon Eclipse® are also used at the hospice, arranged groups of refined frameless panels suspended on wires directly from the soffit, giving the illusion they float in mid-air. Eclipse can be specified in a variety of shapes with custom colour matching and are perfect for thermal mass installations and where a traditional suspended ceiling cannot be installed.

Director Phil Kavanagh of KKE architects, “Acoustics were a key consideration in our choice of both Rockfon ranges, where each fitted the brief and offered the best solution. In particular, Mono Acoustic suited the installation requirements within the rotunda where specifically shaped elements needed to fit within the radiused space and deliver a monolithic appearance.”

The right solution when it matters most

In common with other Rockfon acoustic systems, Mono and Eclipse are made with a core of naturally occurring inert volcanic rock stone wool, which is non-combustible and will not harbour harmful microorganisms and bacteria. In addition, their high light reflectance characteristics help reduce the need for artificial light, saving energy and further enhancing wellbeing.

Rockfon Business Development Manager, Simon Slade, “The invaluable work done at this hospice made it an important project to be specified for. The whole purpose was to create a calm, quiet environment for those receiving care and for their families. I’m humbled that our products can make a difference to their experience at such a difficult time.”