SamsungKX has been designed to provide the ultimate immersive brand experience. Located at Coal Drops Yard, in the new Heatherwick Studio-designed King’s Cross retail and lifestyle district of London, SamsungKX is an experience space where visitors are invited to discover, interact with and learn new skills in a dynamic, innovative environment, so the acoustics had to be perfect.

Along with Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics, Rockfon was delighted to be involved in this project. They met with the design and installation team to discuss the project in detail. The project’s acoustic requirements, its symmetrical design, installation of services and the adaptability of the system were all discussed. The original structures at Coal Drops Yard have been reimagined by the Heatherwick Studio, resulting in a striking contemporary design showcasing the original brick work, ironwork and the surviving grand brick viaducts. To meet the architectural and acoustic challenges a Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic seamless ceiling system was specified.

 Architecture and design practice KSS Associate, Trevor Gidlow commented, We were commissioned by interior fit-out specialists, Portview, to review various ceiling systems for application within Coal Drops Yard. Five were reviewed including monolithic and stretched fabric systems. Our assessment criteria included – appearance, sustainability, acoustic class, fire resistance, combustibility, weight, installation angle and curved edge profiles. Rockfon Mono Acoustic was our final recommendation and main contractor selection based on the ability to install as a multi-gang operation, thereby gaining significant programme benefits. The appearance of the installation fully achieved the original design vision”.

Combining exposed brickwork and metal, two iconic ‘kissing rooftops’ and a ‘timber peel’ on the inside created a dramatic front of house. The size and scope of the space had the potential to generate unwanted noise. Rockfon Mono Acoustic provides Class A sound absorption to significantly decrease echo and reverberation, helping create the perfect environment for visitors to interact with the latest Samsung technology.

Hoare Lea provided specialist design consultancy services from concept through to completion of the project. Partner Barry Jobling commented “We are very pleased with the sound quality of what is a fairly a cavernous space.  There was a lot of talk at the early stages of what was needed and how best to integrate acoustic treatment into the architecture.  The Rockfon ceiling has worked well, limiting sound spread between different experience zones and providing a controlled acoustic for events”.

Craig Wheatley of certified Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic installer, Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics said, What an amazing project to be involved in, from design to completion, another real flagship project for us. A key feature are the striking detailed curved ceiling troughs, installed using plywood formers fixed to the grid, which housed the main services. We installed Rockfon Monolithic between the troughs, which required systematic installation techniques by our specialist team and great skill to ensure each bead followed the shape of the curve and perfectly aligned. Its sloping nature made access quite awkward. We applied Rockfon elegant render to the entire area, which achieves a smooth, seamless ceiling, embodying 87% light reflection and 99% light diffusion. The completed installation has a 94.5 rating on the L value (iso7724 measured 1 black and 100 white).“

ROCKFON Mono Acoustic is a unique product which combines the elegance of a seamless ceiling with high performance sound absorption, previously thought only possible with modular suspended ceilings. To create a continuous finish, the ceiling tiles are installed and then finished with an impressive acoustic render to create an elegant, smooth-white, monolithic surface.

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